I was born in Puerto Rico and have always been surrounded by stories of change and the impact situations have on the way we view ourselves, others and the challenges we face. I have maintained the interest in stories and story-telling as I have conversations with friends, family, peers and clients. In the story, I find inspiration for change and personal strength.

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) post modern thinker. I believe that each person has the skills and strengths to create a meaningful life. Sometimes we get stuck and believe we lack the tools or energy to change; that we are just “made” this or that way. When we can find a different way to “see” our story, we can create new ways to see ourselves, the situation we are in and our relationships. I like holding conversations that will spark curiosity and explore opportunities to author stories that are meaningful and resist the beliefs that keep us stuck.

As a sex positive therapist, my approach to identity, gender, relational dynamics, sex and power is focused on non-judgmental self definition and strength based story re-authoring.

I invite you to call and find out how this approach might work for you.